Frequently answered questions

Let us know about the essential facts about ProcezAid:

Q-What Is ProcezAid?
A-ProcezAid™ is a composition of polymer based material which is coated with dispersing and coupling agents.

Q-What are the applications of ProcezAid?
A-ProcezAid is an additive used in manufacturing reprocessed HDPE, PVC pipe, it  increases the process ability of low MFI polymer.

Q-What does this additive do at a glance?
A-Increases the process ability upto 20% flow.

Q-What are benefits?
A-1.It  increases  flow upto 20%.
2.substantial  increase in rate of production of pipe.
3.Improves the surface finishing & reduces pinholes.
4.It increases  strength.

Q-Which form does ProcezAid come in?
A-It is available in the powder form.

Q-What is the suggested dosage of ProcezAid?
A-Recommended dosage is 1% – 2% in a batch.