Welcome to the website of ProcezAid.

ProcezAid is a high quality additive developed by Vin Industries to increase Production & Flow rate in PVC & HDPE pipes.

ProcezAid improves and homogenizes the filler dispersion in polymer matrix, making the flow of molten polymer more laminar, besides acting as an internal lubricant. This increases the Flow rate of pipes. Often the surface finish of the pipes also increases.

ProcezAid is available in Powder form for PVC processors and in master batch form for HDPE Pipe manufacturers.


ProcezAid is added 1% -1.5% to the weight of the total compound, depending upon the polymers composition.

  • Increase Flow rate in Production
  • Improve Surface Finish and gloss
  • Reduction in pinholes
  • Lower machine load
  • Retain strength in pipes
  • Reduce Power consumption
  • No need to add moisture powder separately