ProcezAid reduced machine load, saved power to a massive extent

XYZ is a Haldwani-uttarkhand based company and production facility, specializing in HDPE pipes. The company manufactures a wide range of HDPE pipes in black and grey colors and varied sizes as per the needs of the plastic industry.

Earlier, the manufacturer Product rate was very slow, as well as he is facing machine load problem, the machine load got too high. Moreover, the manufacturer was not able to save his power and cost. Also, the pipes which came out after the process lacked smoothness.

The facility contacted ProcezAid and ran trials using ProcezAid, an effective additive that can be used for increasing flow rate up to 20% . The customer added ProcezAid from the original temperature and the problems were solved.

ProcezAid removed moisture problems and got well dispersed into the polymer mixture. Also, due to this proper dispersion,  the machine load automatically decreased to a substantial extent as the ampere loading also went down. Not just this, the company is even able to save more power and cost on the whole.

Results after using ProcezAid :
  • Manufacturer got increment in his Production up to 20%.
  • Removed moisture problems like pinholes, porosity etc.
  • ProcezAid resulted in smooth pipes.
  • ProcezAid  reduced the total machine load due to which the power was also saved.
  • As a result, the company is able to save more cost and increase the rate of production.